Installing Marble Countertops in Toronto

Installing Marble Countertops in Toronto Homes
Marble is one of the most beautiful substances in the world, and it's been used in art and architecture for centuries. For many years, only the very rich could afford to use marble in building, so it came to represent the ultimate in luxurious living. Today, marble flooring and countertops are available to discerning homeowners who want to add beauty and elegance to their living spaces. Toronto residents are very fortunate – some of Canada's finest stone suppliers provide marble to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Choosing a Slab
One of the most popular uses for marble is the kitchen countertop. There are several steps to the process of installing a marble countertop, and the first step is to find a knowledgeable and reputable stone importer and distributor. Once you've chosen a stone supplier, visit the company showroom.
When you think of marble, the image that comes to mind may be of the classic white and grey polished stone. This look is certainly still very popular, and it's an enduring style that fits well in any kitchen. But you may be pleasantly surprised to see the wide variety of marble that's available. Colours range from off-white to deep red, from mustard yellow to sea blue, from ebony to pink. Veining and patterning can be very subtle, or bold and dynamic.
A marble slab countertop is preferable to marble tiles, since a slab avoids seams and creates a silky smooth surface. Slab marble also shows off the stone to its best advantage. However, for those working with a smaller budget, marble tile is also a good choice.
The best plan is to choose the stone for the countertop before you choose any other décor for the kitchen. This way you can select other design elements to match. It's simpler to match paint, wood, and fabric to the stone than it is to find stone to match other elements. If this latter scenario can't be avoided, be sure to bring swatches, wood samples, and paint chips to the stone showroom.
Once you have made your selection, be sure that all slabs you need come from the same "lot.” (Marble is quarried in large blocks known as lots.) For best colour and pattern matches, slabs should be from the same lot, and numbered consecutively. Make sure that the slabs you choose are of fairly uniform thickness.
Fabrication and Installation
The selected marble slab for the countertop will be "fabricated.” That is, it will be cut to fit your cabinets, using as few seams as possible. It will also be given an edge finish such as "bullnose.” Much of the cost of marble countertops derives from this fabrication process. Choosing unusual finishes can add more expense, but can also give a unique look to your kitchen.
With marble countertops, it's best to let experts do the installation. They will have all of the tools necessary, and better installers take a fraction of the time you would take to do the job. After your countertop has been installed, ensure that it has been properly sealed. It will need resealing regularly, but this is a simple procedure that you can do yourself.
And now the only step left is: Enjoy the beauty of marble in the heart of your home!